Errors while using as car multimedia

Errors while using as car multimedia

Hi, i bought all features provided.
I use this app with Samsung P580 tablet in my car.
Some bugs really annoys me.

1) Car ignitions has 2 steps you know. When i turn to position one then two 12v cuts for a while car cranki ng and tablet turns off as i set in settings and trying to re start. This causes problems.

2)Sometimes music will not start when app start even i select play music on start up

3) I set turn off screen after exit,  exit after charger disconnected, selected stop music on exit and stop music charger disconnect but sometimes after screen is off app re starts and playing music through tablet's speaker.

4) App is crashing and asks me to wait or shutdown

5) I select start app on start up spotify and return after 1 second. Can you make app start in background. Its not see spotify starts and returns back. And this return causes promblems and causes to

Can you fix them please