Suggestions for Automate

Suggestions for Automate

Hello, I would like to give some suggestions to the application. First congratulations to the app, I liked it and bought all the premium features.

About the suggestions:

1 - Make the size of the navigation bar customizable, because in the standard size it takes up a lot of space, ideal for smaller cell phones.

2 - Add 2 options in the phone settings. The first is that when the connection hangs up, automatically return to the main menu. The second option is, as soon as you finish the call, automatically return the music being played.

3 - When an SMS or Whatsapp messages arrive, play a sound and not as it is currently, it does the voice reading.

4 - Give the option of placing the weather data in the upper bar where the speedometer is located. So we get more space where the widgets are.

For now these would be the suggestions, now I have a question: Using the default Automate map, when we locate an address, is it based on traffic conditions or the path with the least distance?

Thank you and thankful if you can consider my suggestions.