How can I help translate AutoMate?

How can I help translate AutoMate?

AutoMate uses crowd sourced translations to make the app accessible to users world wide. If you wish to contribute, please follow these steps.
  1. Log in or sign up for a free OneSky account
  2. Once the account is created and you are logged in, visit the AutoMate project page (Figure 1).
  3. Select the language you wish to help translate, and begin providing translations! Be sure to save your draft afterwards. If your language is not available, please contact [email protected] and we will enable a new language for translation. 
  4. That's it! Your hard work will be seen in future updates of AutoMate.
Figure 1: OneSky dashboard for AutoMate
Note: Some words like %1$s are place holders and don’t need to be translated (Figure 2). Your help for translations is much appreciated!
Figure 2: Placeholders do not need to be translated
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