What are some voice commands I can use?

What are some voice commands I can use?

Below are some examples of voice commands that can be used with AutoMate.
  • Maps
    • "Find the nearest hospital",
    • "Directions to McDonald's"
    • "Take me to the park"
  • Phone
    • "Check voicemail"
    • "Show missed calls"
    • "Show call history"
    • "Call John Doe"
  • Music
    • "Play music"
    • "Next track"
    • "Previous song"
  • Messaging
    • Send a text message to John Doe"
    • "New SMS to John Doe"
    • "Reply"
    • "Read"
  • Miscellaneous 
    • "What’s the weather?"
For convenience, sample voice commands can be found by tapping the mic icon on the top right, and then tapping the ? icon to show the following dialog. 
Figure 1: Sample voice commands
Currently, voice commands work best in English. However, there is partial support for other languages as well. For a list of languages AutoMate supports, please see: What languages does AutoMate support?
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